Evguenia (Евгения )
Men ( Мень)

Evguenia (Евгения ) Men ( Мень)

website: www.evmmen.com
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Born in St. Petersburg, Russia
1979-1983 Junior Artist, Junior Art College, St. Petersburg, Russia
1984-1989 Master degree in Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University
1993-1997 Bachelor degree in Film Directing, St. Petersburg Institute of Cinematography and Telelevision
latest exhibitions

2009-June, a finalist of International Art Competition, X-Power Gallery Beverly Hills, LA, USA
April, International Art Exhibition/ finalists, X Power gallery Beverly Hills, California, USA
2009 September/October – International Art Exhibition, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg Russia
2nd price in “genre” painting competition.

2010 – November 9-26, finalists exhibition of International Art Competition ”ArtPreview” at”Kino”gallery, Moscow Russia:
special recognition by jury in painting and digital art
.2011 – June 14 – July 4, digital art exhibition “PostRealizm.Version1” at “Black Dog Gallery”, Moscow Russia, awarded by a Diploma for “ Contribution to Russian Culture” by a President of Creative Union Of Russian Artists
2011 – November 7 -10, a finalists exhibition of International Art Competition of Modern Art(artpreview.ru) At the Zurab Ceretelli Gallery, Moscow Russia
2011-December(16.12.2011-10.01.2011) Russian-australian project”Time and Memory”,Black Dog Gallery, Moscow
2012 – January(10.01.2012 – 31.01.2012) project “Time and Memory”, Chocolate Factory, Moscow
2012 – February(01.02.2012 – 29.02.20120 PROJECT “Time and Memory” Naberezhnaya Tower, Moscow

DolmatConnell & Partners, Inc., Boston, USA;
Chateau des Reaux, public gallery, Chouze sur Loire, France

Private collections : Russia; USA; Australia; Sweden.; Canada ;UK; Greece; Portugal; Italy


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красные теннисные мячи на пляже красные теннисные мячи на пляже
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нарядные туфли с перцем нарядные туфли с перцем
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оранжевый рис оранжевый рис
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в белых перчатках в белых перчатках
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под воздействием красных пуговиц под воздействием красных пуговиц
фотография, натюрморт
фотография, компьютерная графика, , 2011
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